Reliable detection of SARS-COV-2 RNA.
In under three minutes.
ICHOR COVID-19-Testing
On-Site-Measuring. Deployable anywhere. ICHOR COVID-19-Testing
Specific and fast. ICHOR COVID-19-Testing

the device



  • Micro-fluorescence spectroscopy for the detection of individual RNA molecules
  • Selective hybridization of the RNA and virus sample sequences ensure a safe and highly reliable specificity
  • High sensitivity with a low virus load (concentrations up to 100 RNA/ml are detectable)

About ICHORtec

ICHORtec. Innovative solutions in virus und antibody systems

What is ICHORtec’s mission?Fast and reliable testing. This is how ICHORtec provides an essential contribution to the public health care system”.says the research team surrounding Dr. Oleh Fedorych, developer, and Uwe Korth, CEO of ICHORtec GmbH. Their biotechnology company ICHORtec, based in Aachen, Germany, is a spin-off of the MedTech company IEM, based nearby in Stolberg.

Patented technologies

Patents in biochemistry, physics and optical laser technology are a fundamental asset of the company. These pillars form the basis of the ICHOR-method.

Partnership with RWTH Aachen and Fraunhofer Institute

The first clinical validation was conducted with PD Dr. Kleines, virologist of RWTH Aachen, and compared to the known PCR technology.

Comparison with current methods

ICHOR in comparison to virus and antibody testing methods
The ICHOR-method is superior to current technology in detecting active Covid-19-infections as well as antibody testing for immunity after overcoming a Covid-19-infection.

Tests for active virus infection

Common Laboratory method, e.g. PCR Rapid Diagnostic ICHOR
Quantitative (sensor) Yes Yes Yes
Portable No Yes Yes
Complexity High Low Low
Required conditions Laboratory Everyday environments Everyday environments
Reliability Up to 95% 34-74%* Min. 95%**
Sensitivity to low virus load High Very low (34% reliability)* High
Time until result Hours-Days 5-13 minutes 3 minutes
Cost per test $$$-$$$$ $$ $

* Mari C. Smithgall, Ioana Scherberkova, Susan Whittier, Daniel A. Green bioRxiv 2020.04.22.055327
** O. Fedorych, M. Kleines, J.F. Buyel – In situ detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA – in press, derived

Tests for existing antibodies (immunization)

Laboratory Analyzers Rapid Diagnostic ICHOR
Quantitative (sensor) Yes No (Marker) Yes
Portable No Yes Yes
Complexity High Low Low
Conditions required Laboratory Any environments Any environments
Accuracy Up to 95% Approx. 70% 98% or higher
Time until result Hours-Days 5-13 minutes 3 minutes
Cost per test $$$-$$$$ $$ $

First validation results based on SARS-CoV-2 pathogen.

Frequently asked Questions

How does it work? Walk me through the process on what it would look like in a testing setting.

ICHOR delivers rapid, reliable results in non-laboratory settings, meaning a sample can be collected from anywhere – an airport, cruise terminal or office, for example – and deliver an accurate result in under three minutes.

The testing procedure itself is quite simple. To test for active COVID-19 infection, a nasal swab is required. The swab sample goes into a fluid which deactivates the virus, if it is present in the sample, and releases or strips the virus of its RNA. Next, a portion of that fluid is extracted with a sampling tool, similar to a pipette, and analyzed in the ICHOR. Within three minutes, the analyzer delivers a positive or negative result for active COVID-19 infection. The ICHOR antibodies test is even more simple. First, we collect capillary blood from a finger prick. This is then inserted into a tiny reservoir within another sampling tool and the sampling tool is then inserted into the analyzer. Again, a result is delivered within three minutes to detect for COVID-19 antibodies.

How do you know it works?

We have tested the ICHOR against SARS-CoV-2 RNA extracted from patient samples, which is exactly the same material used for classical molecular diagnostic methods such as PCR (polymerase chain reaction).

Can you show us proof it works?

ICHOR has demonstrated effectiveness in delivering rapid, reliable results in non-laboratory settings. Right now, we are preparing a research article in which we discuss our methodology and results in more detail.

Do you plan to have your findings peer reviewed?

Yes, of course

How is your technology able to detect both the virus and antibodies?

The “magic” is found within small molecules which can interact with the virus material and other molecules that can bind to antibodies. Exchanging of these molecules allows to perform both tests with the same hardware.

What is the difference between your system and the competition?

Initial results indicate the reliability of the ICHOR method when encountering samples with low virus loads. Current publications on the established PCR method reveal that these low virus load samples are often identified as “false-negative”, thus further highlighting the advantages of using ICHORtec instead. In addition, ICHOR is designed for on-site usage, hence granting a more robust and broad application. ICHOR is a unique and portable solution that can deliver fast and reliable results for both the detection of active SARS-CoV-2 RNA as well as antibody testing for immunity after overcoming a Covid-19-infection.

How do you envision this technology being used?

Because ICHOR has demonstrated effectiveness in non-laboratory settings, we believe that it will be the most accessible rapid COVID-19 detection technology. The test can be administered anywhere by any person, allowing ICHOR to be deployed anywhere in the world – from airports to offices and even retail settings.

The patent application covers the ICHORanalyzer. Would you have to work with another company for the testing agent?

ICHOR only requires minute quantities of the testing agent utilized. It is readily available and routinely sourced from independent labs as a standard procedure for this type of diagnostic testing.

Is this technology of the future for any future influenza or virus strain?

As soon as genetic code of the future influenza or virus will be broken, we will be able to provide a solution. But for the moment, our company’s mission is to end COVID-19.

How are you able to make it so inexpensive, compared to other diagnostic tests?

We just removed all of the factors that are not relevant to delivering a rapid, reliable result. It really is a simple solution.

Who will get them first?

At this time, we are seeking a licensing partner so that we can begin production. Once we have been able to do so, we will look forward to working with the public health community to determine the best way we can help end the spread of COVID-19 infections.