“ICHORscope” provides biophysical results of energy exchange between a probe and DNA, RNA or biomarkers.

First direct molecular detection method
as a point-of-care test.

New generation of in-vitro diagnostics for the molecular detection of viruses and biomarkers.

Point-of-care solutions for the molecular detection of viruses and proteins

The innovative driving force of ICHORtec

ICHORtec’s innovative driving force is based on “Point of Care and Point of Use” solutions. The entrepreneurial goals are the establishment, development and taking advantage of new diagnostic and molecular methods for biological and medical applications.

The innovative method “Fluorimetry of Molecular Binding-FMB®” is applicable for the specific detection of nucleic acids and biomarkers.

Our biotechnological network offers DNA sequencing and the industrial construction of specific probes for the molecular detection of viruses or biomarkers.

Early, accurate
and effective identification of diseases


The Innovative Environment of ICHORtec

With the FMB® method we offer the possibility to be a step ahead of other providers. ICHORtec’s innovative environment also offers a complete workflow – from the initial discovery of a new virus or mutant, through the production of test kits, to bioinformatic evaluation – all from a single source.

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