Der direkte Zugriff auf molekulare Wechselwirkungen liefert Daten für die Bioinformatik

A strong bioinformatics team and on-site service

FMB diagnostics is the world’s first method that offers greater effectiveness, reliability and in-vitro diagnostic safety. The molecular detection of viral infections, enzymes and biomarkers is possible at any location, and the result is made available in digital form. The systems are designed as “track & trace” and the goal is to identify and manage hotspots at an early stage.

With bioinformatics, we use computer science methods to tackle and solve scientific and social problems that are brought to light by the life sciences.

Our team is able to react quickly to emerging dangerous pathogens and, if necessary, set up test capacities for improved clinical testing strategies and to provide information. With real-time geographical analysis of events, we see bioinformatics as playing a key role in modern life sciences. In this way, we expect that knowledge derived from data can be harnessed to predict biological phenomena.

New sources of information help to avert health risks.

In bioinformatics, many areas of chemistry, biology, physics and virology are considered. There are large amounts of complex data in the areas of interaction and structure elucidation of proteins as well as interactions between biomolecules (proteins, RNA, low-molecular compounds).

Bioinformatics is developing software tools for the preparation, evaluation and analysis of this data. By bioinformatics, we mean the research, development and application of computer-based methods for evaluating molecular tests. . The focus is on models and algorithms of molecular particles.

Probeentnahme Schritt 3 Küvette in den Mess-Slot des ICHORscope Gerätes einsetzen
Testdaten geben Aufschluss über „Hot Spot Entwicklungen
  • Qualitative and quantitative metabolic inference of tests
  • Structures of biomacromolecules, esp. DNA, RNA and proteins
  • Molecular interactions between biomacromolecules and between biomacromolecules and other substances such as substrates, transmitters, messengers and inhibitors
  • The molecular characterisation of ECO systems
  • Intermolecular understanding and analysis of quantum mechanical relationships

Test data provides information on hot spot developments

Services that convince – Partner for your solution Peakspot is the exclusive partner of ICHORtec GmbH in Europe. In addition to the sales organisation, Peakspot offers a complete service organisation for on-site testing in facilities of all kinds.

In order to ensure all relevant legal, medical and technical procedural content, we work according to certified processes and exclusively with our own specialised personnel.

With this model, you can book an independent system for test periods (days, weeks). Depending on requirements and supply in the area, bioinformatics issues can be designed and projected “on site”.