About us

The biotech company ICHORtec GmbH was founded with the purpose of developing and marketing a new point-of-care solution for the molecular detection of viruses and proteins. The object is the development of a new platform for molecular diagnostics. Our company holds patents in biochemistry, physics and optical laser technology.

The existing knowledge-based network in clinical chemistry, biophysics and molecular biology is complemented by relevant social and medical requirements in the fields of infectiology and oncology. With the core content of polymer research and the associated industrial implementation, accompanied by clinical use evaluation, we will bring cutting-edge technology products to market.

Fields of activity, focal points and technologies

  • Experimental, biophysical research
  • Industrial development of molecular sensors
  • Pandemic and endemic service management
  • Process organisation for development and production
  • Bioinformatics
  • Solution provider for point-of-care / point-of-use testing in virology and oncology