The Team

Our way of working

ICHORtec’s entrepreneurial know-how offers highly recognised algorithms for virus and biomarker detection, validated according to the strictest scientific criteria.

We reach people in different living environments with point-of-care solutions, digital technologies and 1-to-1 approaches.

The team and scientific advisors support and partner with people in the implementation of health-promoting measures. In doing so, we are guided by basic requirements, legal framework conditions and the recommendations of WHO.


Uwe Korth
Uwe KorthCEO

Uwe Korth is a successful leader in the field of medical technology. He founded IEM GmbH, a leading provider of cardiovascular medical devices, and ICHORtec GmbH, which has developed a new, revolutionary point-of-care diagnostic procedure for the early detection of viral diseases and cancer. His mission in life is to use his expertise in medical technology to create solutions that can save lives.

Dr. Oleh Fedorych
Dr. Oleh FedorychCTO

Dr. Fedorych is the inventor of our patented FMB® technology and as CTO and Head of Development he is responsible for the development and implementation of the technology in our products.

He holds a PhD from the Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Science and has since worked in various renowned EU physics laboratories and companies. He also holds the patents for several inventions and has authored several scientific publications.

Christina Friker
Christina Friker Executive Assistant

As executive assistant to the management, Christina Friker has been working with Mr. Korth for several years and provides him with support. In addition to setting up the start-up and the associated general administrative and organisational activities, contract management, finances and accounting are among the focal points of her work at ICHORtec GmbH.

After her studies in business administration, Ms. Friker first gained professional experience in the field of purchasing and production in the textile industry and then actively supported the set-up process of a start-up in a small team. In recent years, she has been able to diversify and expand her experience and knowledge as an assistant to the management in the IT telecommunications and medical technology sectors.

Patrizia Kloska
Patrizia KloskaCommercial Assistant & Human Resources

In addition to her daily organisational and administrative tasks, Ms. Kloska is in charge of various projects. One of her responsibilities includes the coordination and implementation of various funding matters.

After successfully completing her studies in psychology, sociology and business education at RWTH Aachen University, she managed two auction houses in Berlin and Munich for several years, focusing on auctions of used vehicles. After returning to Aachen, she worked for several years as an assistant to a board of directors and to management.

Goran Lalos
Goran LalosHead of Sales and Business Development

Goran Lalos has supported the founding team of ICHORtec GmbH since the beginning of 2020 in strategic business field and company development.

As Managing Partner of impegio Beteiligungs GmbH, he was engaged with many companies in the fields of industrial and public services, both strategically and operationally, in a wide range of functions. His focus was on sales and service development as well as HR management. In addition to his studies at SHW in Vienna, he acquired skills and knowledge through his many years as CSO/CEO of an internationally active personnel service provider.

Dr. Ruben R. Rosencrantz
Dr. Ruben R. RosencrantzHead of Early Process Development

Dr. Rosencrantz is Head of Early Process Development at ICHORtec GmbH, and is responsible for the experimental development of new processes in the laboratory. In addition, as a strategic advisor, he ensures the conveyance of relevant health issues in the field of molecular science.

After studying biology and chemistry at RWTH Aachen University, he completed his doctorate at the Helmholtz Institute for Biomedical Engineering in Aachen and is currently head of department and division at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP in Potsdam. On the side, Dr Rosencrantz also teaches as a lecturer at the CAU and BTU.

Michael Driftmeyer
Michael DriftmeyerHead of Industrialisation & Manufacturing

Michael Driftmeyer has been accompanying ICHORtec GmbH since the end of 2020 as project manager in the planning and construction of the devices and the production line.

As managing director and owner of md kunststofftechnik GmbH, he has gained a great deal of knowledge and experience in the development and process conception of mechatronic assemblies over the last few years and before that worked for several years as a product developer, project manager and development manager with the same focus. . In addition, Mr Driftmeyer has worked in his professional career as an equipment designer for sheet metal forming and injection moulding tools and has completed various training courses in stamping and forming technology and metal production technology.

Gregor Oebel
Gregor OebelTechnical Product Manager – Project Engineering

Gregor Oebel supports ICHORtec GmbH in Project Engineering as Technical Product Manager with a focus on the development of the ICHORscope device.

After his studies of electrical engineering/communications engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen, Mr. Oebel worked for many years as a service engineer in a company for plant construction, and managed the development and expansion of the technology on-site during worldwide assignments.

Silke Löwensen
Silke LöwensenLegal Consultant

Silke Löwensen has been advising Ichortec GmbH on all legal issues since 2020.

She completed her legal training in 1995 with the 2nd state examination. She then worked as a lecturer until 2016 at the UKM Münster among others. With her further training and certification in 2017, she is active as a guardian ad litem in child and guardianship cases.

Scientific Advisory Board

PD Dr. Boris Schmitz
PD Dr. Boris SchmitzScientific Medical Advisor

Dr. Schmitz studied biology in Münster and Kiel and received his PhD in biology from the WWU Münster in 2010. Since then, he has been researching the molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular, renal and rare diseases. Dr Schmitz received his Venia legendi (authorisation to teach) for experimental medicine from the medical faculty of WWU Münster in 2019. He has a strong background in prevention and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases and is an expert in the application of microRNAs as functional biomarkers.

In addition, Dr Schmitz is the author and co-author of more than 60 publications in high-impact peer-reviewed journals. He currently works as a Principal Investigator at the Faculty of Health at Witten/Herdecke University.

Lisa Möller
Lisa MöllerMolecular Life Scientist

Ms Möller completed her Master’s degree in Molecular Life Science at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. The interdisciplinary degree programme included in-depth knowledge in chemistry, biology, pharmacy and medicine. She was able to gain further experience in medical research during her Master’s thesis in immunology at the University Hospital Erlangen.

Since 2019, Ms Möller has been working as a consultant for regulatory affairs, quality management for medical devices and in vitro diagnostics.